Geomatics Master's Student, Geophysical Engineering Degree

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Programming

I lean to open-source tools with bash, python, and QGIS, if I can solve it in the console that's my preferred solution. Experience with ArcGIS, ArcPro, Terrset, SNAP Toolbox, PostGIS (PostgreSQL), ENVI, and FML.

I use Python for programmatically solving tedious and repetitive tasks, extracting, transform and loading (ETL) data, object-oriented programming, and data visualization.

I can write in Python, JavaSript, R, and Bash. I have employed the following libraries: Numpy, Pandas, Geopandas, Scipy, Sklearn, GDAL, OSR, JSON, ArcPy, geopandas, and shapely. And Keras, Tensorflow, and Pytorch to a lesser extent, among others. I also get my way around spreadsheets.

Master's Thesis: “Monitoring wetlands in Sweden using multi-source satellite data and machine learning algorithms”

I developed a whole pipeline workflow for classifying wetlands all over Sweden, using Google Earth Engine (GEE), in Javascript.

Gathering multi-source multi-temporal imagery, from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellites, and combining it with topographical data.

Applying a Machine Learning Random Forests classifier.

Project: The prospects of coffee cultivation in South America in a future climate

I developed a group of Python scripts for classifying The Earth's climate zones based on Köppen-Gauger method, averaging climate normals, for global NC files with temperature and precipitation data from two CMIP6 experiments: Historical (1850-2015) and Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 8.5 (2015-2100) models. Available at Github.

Project: Horizon Angles (ArcGIS Toolbox)

I developed a script that calculates the maximum angular obstruction for each cell on a raster, particularly from a digital elevation model (DEM), recreating functions from GRASS GIS and GDAL, it combines ArcPy. The project required the design of a graphic user interface (GUI) allowing to easily parse parameters between ArcGIS and Python. Available at Github.

My skills in GIS include:
Data Management & Harmonization
Digitization & georeferencing
Remote Sensing & Satellite Imagery
Spatial Databases (SQL & PostGIS)

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Web Developing

Experience Web design and development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Markup languages XML, KML, GML, and JSON

Housing Project

I developed a webmapping service for a Master's Programme project, using which could be used by any of the Housing Agencies in Lund; most lack this kind of feature. The whole project was made with dummy data.

Using OpenLayers, OpenStreet Map (OSM), and WMS requests to a GeoServer hosted in Lund's University.

For deploying the OpenLayers (OL) with ES6 JavaScript, I employed NPM.

CIAL School's website

In 2014 I wrote a school's website from scratch, and maintained it as the webmaster until 2019.


Seismic processing and interpretation, Petrophysics & well logs.

Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks & Deep learning algorithms for regression.

Bachelor's Thesis: “Vp logs prediction from well logs and seismic using ANFIS”

The goal was to infer sonic logs for 27 wells located in a productive basin in Venezuela, using fuzzy logic and neural networks combining radioactive and resistive logs, with different seismic attributes resampled and extracted from a seismic cube, as input for the neuro-fuzzy (machine learning) regressor. The generated maps showed the expected low p-wave velocity behavior for most of the geologic horizons around each currently active well. And the accuracies

For the project we employed OpendTect Neural Networks module, MATLAB ANFIS (Adaptative Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System) for training the fuzzy sets, SegyMat library for reading traces and Oasis Montaj for data management.


During my Master's I've hands-on learned and employed SQL (Structured Query Language), Spatial Databases (PostGIS), PostgreSQL, MySQL, pgAdmin, database modelling and design (UML)

Personal/hobby projects

Arch User Repository (AUR) Maintainer

I'm currently maintaining a couple of packages for the Arch Linux community: pktools & Windscribe-cli

For this purpose I do web-scrapping, employing BeautifulSoup library to automatically check with a python script for new updates every time my laptop boots.

Woman in Data Science (WiDS) Datathon 2022

I team-up with three friends to participate in a Kaggle competition. And even though we were not even close to win, it resulted a very enriching experience. Github Gist.

Google Keep Takeout

A simple script for simplifying Google keep notes takeout from JSON to TXT