Geomatics Master Student, Geophysical Engineer

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)



ArcGIS and QGIS experience, among others

Data Management and Harmonization

Remote Sensing & Satellite Imagery

Digitization and georeferencing

Database Development







Point Pattern Analysis

Spatial Autocorrelation

Clustering and Classification

Uncertainty & Error Assessment




Geophysics & Machine Learning



Seismic processing and interpretation


Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Deep learning



Bachelor's Thesis

Title: “Vp logs prediction from well logs and seismic using ANFIS”


The goal was to infer sonic logs for 27 wells located in a productive basin in Venezuela, using fuzzy logic and neural networks combining radioactive and resistive logs different seismic attributes as input. The generated maps showed the expected low p-wave velocity behavior for most of the geologic horizons around each currently active well.

The project included OpendTect Neural Networks module, MATLAB ANFIS (Adaptative Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System) for training the fuzzy sets, SegyMat library for reading traces, and Petrel, Oasis Montaj for data management.






Applications in Physical Geography and Earth Sciences

Object-Oriented Programming

Data Science


Project: Horizon Angles (ArcGIS Toolbox)


I developed a script that calculates the maximum angular obstruction for each cell on a raster, specially from a digital elevation model, recreating functions from GRASS GIS and GDAL. The project required the design of a graphic interface (GUI) letting the user parse parameters between ArcGIS and Python. Available on Github.




Project: The prospects of coffee cultivation in South America in a future climate


I developed group of Python scripts for classifying The Earth's climate zones based on Köppen-Gauger method, averaging NC files in climate normals for global temperature and precipitation from several CMIP6 experiments: historical and Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5(RCP) models. Available on Github.







Spatial Databases (PostGIS)

Structured Query Language

PostgreSQL, MySQL, pgAdmin

Database modelling and design



Web Developing



Web design and development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Finished projects:

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